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Top 5 tools to be the best creator.


5 top programs and tools to use as a creative agency

This is our workhorse, it’s our preferred editing software. Versatile, easy to learn, and extremely user-friendly, we can push the boundaries of editing and color grading.
It’s extremely easy to use for someone who would like to start creating content in-house for their business. Obviously, if you don’t have time for that, we’re here to help!

Oh yeah, I bet you didn’t expect that in this list.
Quickbooks has been our accounting system from scratch. It’s powerful and comes with a variety of features to make sure that all of your projects are profitable. You can process, and easily set up payrolls for when you’ll be ready to hire other creators as employees.

The infamous adobe suite. Comes with a variety of programs that really helped us step up the brand game. Whether it’s photography with Lightroom or using title templates on our narratives with Adobe Illustrator. The Adobe Suite is a must-have.

The only downside for us is the price point. It’s a monthly expense that can get pretty pricey, anyway, nowadays, what’s not pricey ?

This app has been a trooper for the last few years. It’s not only our files sharing platform but also our reviewing platform where clients can view their projects and comment on them.

    Get yourself a cute little handle for your email.
    In all seriousness, it’s great to have the Google suite not only for the email but for the products it offers. You have a free stockage of files for every user, you have access to shared documents like Sheets, Google Docs, and many more. It’s great for sharing call sheets to clients, documents within the team, and build a clear calendar.So here it is the top 5 tools we’ve used since the start of the business. There’s more we used, but these are what you need to get started.Cheers!

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