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In a bold and original campaign, Velixo aimed to showcase its ability to solve the complex challenges faced by users of ERP platforms like Acumatica and SAGE. With a clear objective to demonstrate that Velixo is more than just a tool but a genuine “problem solver,” this campaign has captivated target users through intriguing scenarios representing everyday challenges. Explore how Velixo’s innovative solutions empower businesses to navigate the intricacies of ERP systems effortlessly, driving efficiency and success. Unlock the power of Velixo as your ultimate ally in overcoming obstacles and optimizing operations for unparalleled growth and productivity.

By staging humorous scenarios that resonate with their consumers’ experiences, Velixo has successfully conveyed its core message: saving time and unlocking the full potential of ERP systems for users. The focus on problem-solving has solidified Velixo’s position as an indispensable partner for those seeking an efficient solution in the complex universe of ERPs. Dive into Velixo’s world, where laughter meets efficiency, and discover how their innovative approach transforms ERP usage into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Join the ranks of businesses maximizing their productivity and efficiency with Velixo as their trusted ally.

The enthusiastic reception from target consumers speaks volumes about the success of this campaign. Positive feedback has affirmed that Velixo has effectively captured the essence of their needs and frustrations while offering a solution that meets their expectations. Ultimately, this campaign has bolstered Velixo’s reputation as an indispensable tool for those looking to optimize their ERP usage while injecting a bold touch into their experience. Discover how Velixo’s innovative solutions revolutionize ERP usage, earning accolades from businesses worldwide for their seamless integration and unparalleled effectiveness. Experience the transformative power of Velixo as you navigate the complexities of ERP systems with confidence and ease.



Rachel Annunziello
Kevin Sin
Sylvain Piché
Maya Nujaim



Creative agency



Vincent Morissette

Creative Director

Alex Robillard


Samuel Ferland

Director’s assistant

Clément Féménias-Métivet

Director of photography

Graham Guertin-Santerre

Artistic direction

Azar Yazbek


Alec Lemonde


Auguste Portelance-Bedard


Josianne Provencher


Samuel Ferland


Olivier Séguin-Dang [Division Couleur]

Sound mix

Dominic Bolduc


Tom Park
Graphic design and motion

Mathieu Prévost


Filmed on Arri Alexa Mini with Clavius 28 – 58 mm lens.


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