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Moccasin Joe

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This is the story of an indigenous-owned coffee brand that Walter David started a few years ago. It’s now time for the family to join the project and to learn about the traditional roasting techniques.

On a personal note, we’ve known Walter’s son, Mike, for many years and when he invited us to collaborate on this project, the excitement was real. He wanted to present the transition from one generation to another in a cinematic brand movie.

We could immediately tell that we pour all of our efforts into the quality of our projects, just as they do with their coffee.


Walter and Lise David (founders), Mike and Julie (children), Clément Féménias Métivet (Director and editor), Cédric Richard (Director of photography), Samuel Ferland (director’s assistant), Alexis Guillet (Creative director), Vincent Morissette (Producer and photographer).

The process


Creative brief

It's really important for us to really know who we are working with and what they are trying to deliver. In this case, we started the conversation off with Moccasin Joe's expectations of the project and their ambition as a business. We want to know more than what they want in the video, this helps us understand the standard and the quality they are looking for in the project.



After understanding what they were all about, we started planning out 3 different concepts. The first is content creation - Specific to their desire to grow on social media, this concept what based on edutaining content around their coffee. For example: How to roast coffee, or how to poor a real good coffee. The second was the narrative piece that they went for. This one was the perfect piece to showcase their history, their values, and their technique in the most appealing way possible. A true brand movie. The last was based on Mike and Julie's (his sister) desire to unify and create an alliance of indigenous-owned coffee roasters. The concept was simple, position moccasin Joe as the expert in coffee making by becoming a sort of media.



Once we got the concept approved, Clement, our director on this project, started to script the project and detail shot by shot of what we wanted in the project. Understanding their needs and making sure we present exactly what our client wants. Once the project detailed, Cedric our DOP broke down the shotlist and our different lighting setups and VOILÀ it's ready to roll. Seriously, it's not that simple, but I'm making this quick for you all.



Once it's all done on set, Clement did his thing and edited the piece that he directed in a magnificent way.

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