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Le Livart


Live through the eyes of sophia borowska, Diane Garcia-Ramos, Oski Awoyo, Le Bicar and the famous Vallée-Duhamel duo how art takes place in their daily lives. This mandate is exactly what we strive for. What’s better for creatives like us to document the daily of other creatives. These are the special type of projects that we feel inspired, involved and confident !

Showcased here : Oski Awoyo


It all started with an art exposition.

Our friends at the livart are great to host some of the most insane art projects. They asked us to portray some artists that exposed at the gallery.


Translate their art in a day.

For us, the best way to approach a subject is to meet them and spend a full day with the protagonist. We want to know all the details, from your creative approach to which coffee you like to go in your neighborhood.


The creative minds on a daily.

In the format of a short film that we like to call a “day in the life”, we’ve documented their day with art at the forefront of the production. We wanted to show the creative process that inhabits them on a daily basisé


BlackMagic Mini Ursa G2
Rokinon Cine Prime Lenses

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