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Les Boréades

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Campaign Visual Identity

Founded in 1991, Les Boréades is a music ensemble specialized in baroque repertoire. Critics and audiences in Canada and abroad have unanimously praised the ensemble’s verve, spontaneity, as well as its theatrical, expressive, and elegant performance style. Les Boréades turned to us to revamp their visual identity and graphic system. A contemporary design with historical accents.

The identity aims to be flexible, capable of adapting over time and across various media. The typographic approach possesses a strong personality to effectively communicate information. The grid, likewise, can easily be filled with different visual or typographic elements, depending on the content to be integrated. The simple yet powerful color palette also allows for harmonization with different graphic styles. In order to leverage the new visual identity, it was important for us to create a multitude of variations, digital publications, and promotions. The fictitious campaign pays tribute to composers who marked the Baroque period. Keeping the identities of these characters secret lends an enigmatic quality to the ensemble, allowing the music to take center stage.

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