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Signé Laval


In collaboration with Molotov Coop, an agency based in Laval. Signé Laval, the cultural center of the city wanted to showcase 5 different artists in 5 differents places of the city. The goal was to bring an unprecedented look into these artists performance. Our assignment was simple; make it look good. And so we did 😉


The collaboration

As a creative agency, we’re used to collaborating with other advertisement agency, and this was a perfect example of it. Molotov coop approached us to collaborate on this beautiful mandate.


Bring the concept to life.

Coordinate every movement of the production. The concept was already established between the client and the agency, we just had to make sure everything flowed, that everything was spot on visually.


Put the team together and deliver the product.

We gathered the team, found the sound designer, coordinated with the agency and delivered an astonishingly nice campaign.


Vahram Sarkissian, Shérane Figaro, Jean-Philippe Luckhurst, Uliana Drugova, Hynda Benabdallah


Molotov Coop

Creative producer

Alexis Guillet


Repslabel & Guillaume Gueras

Director of photography

Cedric Richard

Assistant director & grip

Vincent Morissette


BlackMagic Mini Ursa G2
Lots of smoke machine
Rokinon cinema prime Lenses
Dana dolly kit

Take the time

That’s what we like about this picture and the atmosphere of this campaign. To really enjoy the videos, you need to take the time. We believe that we don’t take enough time in life to appreciate things. Today, please take the time.

Behind the work

Let us bring you in our world

Here’s a few grabs and moments from the shoot captured behind the scenes. You’ll find the squad setting up - Cedric filming a landscape - Sherad dancing her way through the smoke.

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