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Covid at l’Oeufrier

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In a world where the sanitary rules just kept on adding themselves on top of each other, the famous restaurant chain l’oeufrier wanted to think outside the box. Thus, wanted to put forward that it would be necessary one day to “forget our new habits and bring back the old ones.”

It is so motivating for the whole squad when client’s come with such crazy and fun ideas. This particular creative space is perfect to push the boundaries of the concept and to focus on the attention to details.


A crazy idea

L’Oeufrier forged their reputation of building a menu filled with humoristic punchlines and a welcoming atmosphere. In this project they approached us with an interesting humoristic concept in link with the sanitary rules put in place by the government.


The brand ownership

From our point of view, our job is to bonify their humoristic concept and to collaborate and hire the right director. We go on to defining a cutout highlighting the initial ideas of the client.


Talent never lies

In humour and acting; everything is in the rhythm and in the style of play. We rigorously chose a group of 4 actors to perform the concept we wanted. After more then 30 takes on each set, we can say that the joke was still as fun as the first time. Shot, edited and rendered for a punchy and awesome campaign!


Lilie-Rachel Morin, Antony Jr. Alcindor, Dayne Simard, Kevin Sin


Francis Perreault

Director of Photography

Alex Nolet


Alexis Guillet


Vincent Morissette, Clément Féménias-Métivet

Editor & Color Grade

Clément Féménias-Métivet


BlackMagic Mini Ursa G2
Rokinon Xeen Pro Cine Lenses
Dyno panel light
Apurture lighting kit 600D 300D
Nanlite 300D

The set is ready.

People who’ve never been on a set, don’t really understand the amount of effort it takes to make the shot look perfect. 12hrs, 8 scenes like this one later, we’re done.


A few grabs from the set.

Alex our DOP - as well as the #1 hype man. Joined by Cedric - Clement and Vince who are all here to help gripping and as figurants.

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