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Atelier Dansereau

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Art Direction Branding

Atelier Dansereau is an interior design firm located in Montreal, creating unique designs that bring warmth and sophistication to both residential and commercial spaces. They approached us to develop a new visual identity that would capture the quality of their work and position their company as a trusted leader in their industry. The goal was to create a versatile visual system that aligns perfectly with their core values and various styles of arrangements. A simple yet creative approach. Minimalistic yet atmospheric.

The new identity draws inspiration from ever-evolving spaces and the multiple options for arranging them. Therefore, the identity is designed to be modular and easily adaptable to its environment. The logo, although simple in its structure, deconstructs in a highly flexible manner, allowing a wide range of possibilities when used across different mediums. The earthy and organic colors evoke a soothing feeling and provide a source of well-being, much like a comforting living space.

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