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We believe every story is worth sharing


Repslabel is a Montréal based creative and production agency that creates powerful documentaries and brand stories.

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Moccasin Joe

From one generation to another

This is the story of an indigenous-owned coffee brand that Walter David started a few years ago. It's now time for the family to join the project and to learn about the traditional roasting techniques. On a personal note, we've known Walter's son, Mike, for many years and when he invited us to collaborate on this project, the excitement was real. He wanted to present the transition from one generation to another in a cinematic brand movie. A quality piece that doesn't honour the quality of their coffee.

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Le Livart

Short documentary series presenting 5 artists who were exposed at the gallery d’art le Livart. There’s nothing more real and natural to ask the artists about their creative process and to spend a few days of filming with them. All this, to really embrace their presence and to transcend their vision into our project.

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Covid at l’Oeufrier

The Covid at l’Oeufrier

Forget your new habits, bring back the old one’s. The Montreal restaurant chain wanted to publicize their reopening in a fashionable way that sticks to their brand. They reached out wanting to confront the mask policies from the government. We produced two short ads which made us laugh a lot.

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Les détours culturels

When identity meets culture. A visually stunning short series featuring Lavallois’ artistic performances. Art and nature are at the center of the stage in iconic locations chosen by the people of Laval. This one is worth slowing down and watching it full screen.

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Wallenstein - About us

The complete project 7 day filming project full of memories and amazing people. This project is what our filmmaking is all about, getting emerged in a business and come out of this with 4 POWERFUL clips.

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We believe every story is worth sharing.

We all know a lot of people.

For a lot of people, we think that our day to day is boring. For us it’s the total opposite, we believe that all works done with passion, are worth sharing and showing. There’s beauty everywhere.

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